Paddington House of Pancakes Part 2

Hello! I was back at Paddington House of Pancakes yesterday. I did mention I would go back to try their other yummy dishes, but I didn't expect to back so soon. Initially the plan was to go JB and stuff our faces but due to some circumstances we decided to postpone and go for brunch instead. Since in my previous post I had already given an introduction about the restaurant, I shall just skip to the food.

I must say the place was already filled by 12pm mainly because it was a Sunday, but from the happy faces around I could tell they enjoyed their meal as much as I did. 

 Oslo, $18
I ordered the most expensive meal. heh, but no regrets. Smoked salmon and cheesy scrambled eggs with grilled zucchini, spicy mashed potato pancakes and sour cream. I didn't like the sour cream, thought it tasted minty and I felt the meal could do without it. But the smoked salmon was so soft and a eggs went really well with the potato pancakes. I was already full halfway through the meal. But lucky we had 2 guys to help me with the meal. *winks*

  Tuscany, $11? (Can't remember the price ><)
For vegetarians, there are really good choices too. The crepe was served with zucchini, mushrooms, tomatoes, olives and cheese. My aunt told me that she had preferred the Vegetarian pancakes compared to this, but I really enjoyed this one as well. The ingredients complemented each other and the whole meal was a delight.

Classic Buckleberry, $13
When you flip though the menu, you can see the picture really big and clear. For those who can't decide between savoury or sweet pancakes, you can't go wrong with this dish. The pancakes are served with fresh blueberries and scrambled eggs, mushroom and chicken ham at the side. The pancakes was soft and fluffy and the eggs was really nice.

But I must say, again the dessert was the best meal of the day. I can't even remember the name because the moment I flipped to the desserts page, it caught my eyes and we just ordered. I think it was number 9005. hahaha. It was banana fritters and crepe, served with pineapples and peaches, vanilla ice cream and toffee at the side. Banana lovers would absolutely love this dish. Even if you are not, there is nothing to complain about this dish.

Anyway, I hope you all could visit this place and have good food just like I did. It's the holidays and I still haven't gotten myself a decent job which really sucks because I have been burning my pocket. Nevertheless, have a good weekend everyone!


  1. So is it halal then? :)

    1. Hello! They don't serve pork and beef. Their ingredients are all halal. The last time I called to check if they have attained their halal-cert they informed me it is still process. You can call and check with them at 66129029 as well (:

  2. Is this store still located at City Square Mall?

  3. Hello! Yes, it is still located at City Square Mall (: