The Chicken Rice Shop

Hello everyone! It's been almost a month since my last post and it feels so good to be back. Well, I didn't have a proper job so I tried my best not to go out and spend money. Plus my mum is one great cook, can't bear to dine out. My sister's birthday just passed a few weeks back and we went to Sofra for a good lunch. (Check out my review by clicking the link)

That being said, now I finally got a decent job as a relief teacher and I also got a few students to tutor so my holidays are rather meaningful. More importantly, I can treat myself to good food with really awesome company. So last Friday, Roslina and I went to have lunch at The Chicken Rice Shop at Vivocity. It was my first time there but Roslina was telling me that the place served really nice food with excellent service which was what we needed with our stomach growling. Some background information: The Chicken Rice Shop is a Malaysian company which has originally started in Malaysia. Now it has franchises in Malaysia as well as abroad such as Singapore, Philippines and Taiwan.

One good thing I like about this shop is that they have preset meals to choose from. In our case they 3 different sets to choose from. When asked for recommendations, the staff kindly shared his opinions and we went for the Set B (Priced $25.90nett) which introduced their new chicken, "Ayam Sodap Belado" which will be further shared in the post.

Photos were all captured with my iPhone 4S and blame my tummy for the poor photography skills. I couldn't wait to dig in so that explains why my pictures didn't turn out as well. Another thing I like about this restaurant is that they serve all the dishes together so you can enjoy the meal without having to wait for the other dishes. The picture shown above was our spread for two.

The rice was fragrant and had nice flavors. I have tasted rice which has an overpowering ginger and garlic taste but this was to my liking. We were served with the chilli as well as some ginger paste. The chilli was not too spicy and went well with the other dishes. I am not a fan of ginger so I did not like it but Roslina said it was nice.

We chose the Roasted Chicken over the steamed one and the chicken was tender and the sauce was light. Nothing special about this chicken but it was well made.

This is the Ayam Sodap Belado. We were told this was rather new and as a chilli lover I absolutely loved this dish. It had a bit of a sourish spicy taste which I didn't mind at all. Plus the chicken meat was really tender and soft.

I am sure most people are familiar with this dish, Pak Choy with Oyster Sauce. It was nice having some greens along with the other fattening food. I loved this. The greens were not overcooked which is plus and the sauce complemented the chicken rice dish. It tasted good just by itself as well.

This is called the Pai Tee which I found it rather interesting. I am sure everyone has tried the popiah. This was another version of it. They had the radish and carrot filling stuffed in a crispy pastry topped with crushed peanuts. Although it was quite big, we were able to fit the whole thing into our mouths. It was a nice twist to the normal popiah you find in coffee shops or food kiosks.

We were also served some fishball soup which I did not really like it because the taste of the fishball was really fishy. Yes, it might sound lame cause after all it is FISHball. But in defence, I have tasted my mum's fishball soup and never once it has tasted fishy.

Overall, this place filled our empty stomach and we even had to force ourselves to finish the food so that we won't waste them. I am rather particular about service and this restaurant provided us excellent service as they will check with us how our food was and if we needed anything else. I was really surprised that we only had to pay $25.90 because the set meals were already inclusive of GST and service charge with was another plus point from me. We spent about $13 per person. I would definitely visit this place again and it's HALAL.

The Chicken Rice Shop
1 Harbourfront Walk
Singapore 098585
Tel/Fax: 02-6376 9388

OR (another outlet)

Causeway Point
Woodlands Square
Singapore 738099

We were so full afterwards we went to my favorite coffee place Starbucks to redeem my free coffee (yay!) and chill. The place I was sitting at seemed to be emitting too much light which explains my white face.

PS: I made some fudge brownies today and they were really good so I will share it in the next post. Stay tuned! 

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