DIY Glitter iPhone Case

Hey everyone!

I am so excited about today's DIY post. I've been wanting to attempt this particular project for a really long time and but I did not have the resources. Now that I have the resources and the time, I worked on it. As you can see from the picture, there are 2 different designs but I will be showing you guys only one design in this post and I'll post the tutorial for the other design another day.

Let's go over the supplies needed.

You would need a paintbrush or a sponge brush. I do not have a big and flat brush so I decided to make my own sponge brush by cutting a small piece from the dishwasher sponge. I would highly recommend you to use a sponge brush instead of a paintbrush because I feel that it creates a more even surface.

Next you would need white glue and some glitters of your choice. In this tutorial I would be showing you how to create multi-colored or ombre effect glitter cover so you would need at least 2 different colors. If you want a ombre effect you can choose colors that are gradually getting darker. In my case I only had gold, silver and copper colored glitter so my plans on creating an ombre effect was washed away.

Lastly, you would need an old iPhone case. I got this case for free and I didn't like the big Gatsby logo. Not that I am against the brand or anything but I did not like the design as a whole.

Now, let's get started!

First, apply a layer of white glue over the front cover. Using your brush, make sure the layer is even out.

Cover about 1/3 of the cover starting with the lightest color. Do not worry about the amount of glitter as you can pour back the excess back into the container. Repeat this step for the rest of the colors. The space taken for each color will depend on the amount of colors you are using. You can get creative with the colors on this one. For an ombre effect, make sure the colors are gradually getting darker. Alternatively, you can make it look funky by mismatching the colors.

When starting on the next color (eg. gold), make sure to coat the ends of the first color (eg. silver) to create an overlapping effect. 

Once it is done, leave to dry for a while before starting on the sides. For the 2 sides repeat the above steps.

After leaving it to dry for about 1-2 hours, apply a coat of white glue. This is an important step as it prevents the glitter from sticking onto your hands. Leave it to dry for another 1-2 hours. 

To give the cover an extra shine, I applied 2 coats of clear nail polish. Try not to substitute white glue with clear polish as the glitter might chip of after a while. Moreover, the white glue is stronger and allows the glitter to stay in place for a longer period of time.

Let the cover sit overnight before use. This is the final product. The above picture does not do justice to the real product itself due to the bad lighting but I am really happy with the way it turned out.

I did not spend a single cent on this and I saved about $10-$15 by not purchasing one from a store. Excluding waiting time, it is really fast to make and you can try out with so many different colors. Also, if something happens to the cover, you can easily touch up. Try this project with your siblings or best friend because the more the merrier!

The next design was mostly done by sister as she wanted to add her initials. I will make a tutorial on that as well! 

Anyway, I will be travelling this coming Saturday and will only be back the following Sunday. So, I won't be posting anything until I'm back home. I had so many ideas for a Christmas post but due to time constraint I might not be able to do a DIY on that. 

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Till then, take care and happy holidays!

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