Homemade Sushi For You?

Hellloooooo and late Happy New Year Wishes!

This is my first post of the year and I had a few things I wanted to blog about but sadly school, projects and datelines have not allowed me to do. Still, I am glad that I am finally able to find some time to blog after a really really long time. 

Anyway, coming back to the purpose of this post, I wanted to share my first attempt on sushi. Nice halal sushi outlets are so hard to find and the nearest one to my place is Hei Sushi in Downtown East. So I decided to learn how to make one myself so I can eat it as and when I like. I have been asking Sam on how to make sushi cause she made some really good ones. Surprisingly people did not lie when they shared how easy, fun and convenient it is to make one yourself instead of buying it. I chose only the nice looking sushi for the photo taking by the way.

There were more but the ugly ones were eaten immediately.

Sam told me to get sushi rice and as our normal rice would be longer and less chewy. So I got the Paddy King's Sushi Rice(2.5kg) from Cold Storage for $9.25. The stuff at Cold Storage are really pricey but I was lazy to travel to NTUC. Shan told me I can get sushi rice at Daiso as well. For 2 cups of rice I used 2 cups of water to cook the sushi rice. I did not season the rice with vinegar, salt and sugar though. But if you want to, these are the required amounts for 2 cups of rice:

1/4 Vinegar
1 tablespoon sugar
A pinch of salt

And all you need to do is mix the 3 ingredients and pour the mixture over the rice. While doing so, fan it with a book or anything that suits you. From what I had research this is the traditional method for making good sushi rice.

For the fillings I decided to make Kani Mayo (Crabmeat with Mayo) and canned Black Pepper Tuna. The Ayam Brand has a wide variety of canned tuna flavours to choose from so take your pick. I boiled 5 sticks of crabsticks and chopped them up into small pieces before mixing it with mayonnaise. I drained some of the black pepper sauce from the tuna as well. Yummy!

This part is the fun part. The roasted nori came in the right size so I didn't have to cut it. Do not put too much rice unless you want it to be giant sized. Then fill it with your preferred fillings. Like mentioned. I made black pepper, kani mayo and a mixture of both.

Kind of spammed the tuna on the first one. Hehe

The rolling part was epic. A number of failed attempts so we just rolled and squeezed it so everything sticks together. Cut it with a moist knife because it really makes a difference. If your knife is no longer moist in the process of cutting wash it before cutting again. But if you can't wait just eat the whole thing.

TADA! Final Product

It was my first attempt on the sushi and I was rather excited on how it would taste. Overall, my family members who tried said it was nice. My friend tweeted to me that I could improve on my rolling, which I do agree. Maybe next time I would try adding vinegar and salt to give some taste to rice because at some point it tasted a bit bland. However, I would probably not use the Black Pepper flavoured Tuna again as the pepper was too overpowering for my liking. But I must say the kani mayo one was nicely done, not trying to praise myself here by the way. *winks* Also, the combination of the kani mayo and the tuna was good. Overall, I had a good sushi lunch and it all tasted well. It was definitely healthier than my mum's delicious chicken curry. Maybe it was beginner's luck so I shall try it again soon. Hopefully I have time to make these for lunch when I go to school because I am tired of eating the same old food in school. 

On a totally unrelated note, Sam is selling away some of her pre-loved clothes (they are all pretty). They are still in very good condition, so do take a look and grab it. Check it out here!

The next few weeks (last few weeks of school) is going to be so hectic and fun. 
Till then, have a great time and remember to treat yourself with good food. Byeeeeeee~


  1. hello! may i know where can i get roasted nori in SG? (:

    1. Hello! I bought mine in cold storage about $4 or less. You can try NTUC or giant but you can definitely get them in Cold Storage. Hope this helps! (:

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