Buffet at Straits Kitchen

I love buffets. I love the part where there's variety of flavours and options to choose from, not the guilty feeling that you get after stuffing your face and seeing your tummy bulge out until you can't walk. As it was the last weekend of the year 2012, my friends and I decided to indulge ourselves with good food in a posh restaurant.

As a kiasu Singaporean, we decided to make reservations for 8 a week ahead at Straits Kitchen and we were given the biggest table in the restaurant. 

Having an open kitchen format, you could see chefs working as you enter the restaurant. No matter how many times I dine in at a restaurant with an open kitchen format, it never fails to excite me. Once we got to our seats, all of us dispersed and started taking food from the different stations and started filling up our long table.

This rojak, gado-gado and popiah station. 
The popiah as a whole was normal but the rojak was really nice especially with the youtiao.

Yes, our table was huge and I couldn't stop smiling looking at the food. (It was crazy)

In excitement and hunger we spared no time for taking individual pictures (which I regret now) and started eating once the table was filled up. 
We had naan, curries, masala prawns, aloo chat, tandoori chicken, satays, rojak, popiah, gado-gado, rendang, mutton, roasted duck, roasted chicken, steamed chicken, fried rice, stir-fried vegetables, char kuay teow and a few others which I may have forgotten to mention.

We loved the masala prawns from the Indian section that complimented the naan and prata very well.
I must definitely mention the roasted duck. I had been craving for duck for a really long time and my eyes was probably twinkling when I ate it. Not a biased opinion, but it was the best dish there.

Laksa and Prawn Noodle
You should not waste your stomach for these. The laksa tasted too milky even with the addition of chilli and the prawn noodle was bland. If you notice at the back, the duck was my favourite. 

We were seated in a position where we were directly facing the duck. Vanessa and I were going crazy with the roasted duck. After this I won't have to think about duck meat for another 3 months.

We finally decided to start on desserts and fruits. Sadly there was not much variety with the fruit selection but I got eat the passionfruit after a really long time.

Pandan Cake and Onde Onde
The pandan cake was really nice and moist. It wasn't too sweet nor was it too bland and it was up to my liking. But I love cakes. I did not try the onde-onde because Sam told us it wasn't good and the flour seemed thick as well.

Sago with Gula Melaka

The kuihs generally were not bad. I am ashamed that I am unfamiliar with some of the names here. But the rainbow coloured kuih and the brown kuih with coconut was good.

Goreng Pisang
Who doesn't love goreng pisang?

Durian Ice Cream 
and this was AWESOME
If you love durians, you should definitely have a lot of these.

I did not take a picture of the muah chee, but that was really good as well. But sadly I was too full for all the desserts and but still managed to try a bit of everything. Normally, I have enough room for desserts but yesterday was a different case. 

Overall, my friends enjoyed the food and we enjoyed the company. My friends are big eaters, maybe that was one of the reasons that we were able to stuff so much food inside our tummy without bursting. For the price that we paid, it was a good experience overall including ambiance, food and service. Although all these local delicacies can be found in most hawker centres, the experience, service and quality of food received is definitely different. Best of all it is Halal! I would rate it 4/5.

The Address:
Straits Kitchen
Grand Hyatt Singapore
10 Scotts Road
Singapore 228211
Tel: 6732 1234
Nearest MRT: Orchard
Price: $44++ for lunch on weekends for adults

On a side note, Happy New Years Eve!

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