VeganBurg Saturday.

It feels like the year just started but it's already the start of February. I have been whining about my busy school schedule because my social life has been deeply affected and I don't even have enough time to spend it with my family. So finally, after weeks and weeks of missing out on family time, we were out for lunch at VeganBurg today. The store was rather empty maybe because we only went there close to 3pm and the weather was scorching HOT. The weather seriously needs to maintain.

We ordered the fake sausage franks as sides. We only ordered one, but it looked weird putting one portrait picture so I added 2 more. We wanted to get the Crispy Potato and Spinach Pops but sadly it was unavailable ):

 They didn't have a lot of varieties for burger though. 
5 different burgers: Cracked Pepper Mayo, Hawaiian Pineapple, Smoky BBQ, Char-Grilled Satay and Creamy Pepper Shrooms. They also had a CNY festive burger that we did not try.

You can order the burgers with or without the meal. The pricing was slightly higher than normal burger joints but they were using organic ingredients and why not pay extra for a healthier meal.

From left to right: Char-Grilled Satay, Smoky BBQ, Creamy Pepper Shrooms.
Check out the full menu here

We tried all the burgers except the Cracked Pepper Mayo. My aunt bought the Hawaiian Pineapple and did not really like it but I definitely enjoyed my creamy pepper shrooms burger. I love the mushrooms and the sauce complimented the patty really well. I must say the Smoky BBQ tasted really good as well. The Char-Grilled Satay was not bad but I don't like my burgers with sweet sauces. The seaweed fries was nice when eaten hot but a tiny weeny bit salty and gets a bit hard when it turns cold. My aunt was trying to convince us to go vegetarian, there is no way I will give up eating meat. Cut down maybe, but I must be crazy to stop eating BEEF, CHICKEN AND MUTTON. Sadly, the no milk ice-cream was also unavailable.

Anyway, I felt that VeganBurg does sell one of the best vegetarian burgers I have eaten (Mustafa Centre sells really nice masala vegetarian burger patties. should try!). The patty and the franks looked and tasted quite real if you don't keep reminding yourself that it's fake. I liked the simple interior and comfortable ambiance.


44 Jalan Eunos
Singapore 419502
Daily: 11:30am – 10pm (last order 9:45pm)
Phone:  6844 6868
Fax: 6844 1021

Check out more outlets!

By the way, I am finally legal on the road! School is about to come to an end soon, and I can maintain and update this semi-dead blog of mine more often!

Till then,
Happy weekends and don't burn yourself in this freakishly HOT HOT HOT weather!

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