DIY Birthday Card Ideas

Hey! I have been blogging about food, food and more food so I thought I shall share some DIY ideas for a change.

 Is your friend's birthday around the corner? No idea what to get for your mum/sister/dad..(oh you get it)? Don't fret! Well, I love making my own gifts as compared to buying a gift from gift stores. I just feel that there's more sincerity and it will definitely be different from the other gifts that your friends or family members get because it's more personal. I was really happy with this particular birthday project for my bestfriend and I thought why not share some ideas since there's always birthdays around the corner.

There was once I had gone to Typo (Subsidiary of Cotton On) and they had this shelve where it displayed all these super adorable birthday cards. Obviously I was tempted to get one myself but I thought why not make some myself since it is more personalized and of course, CHEAPER. This project was really fun and the end product turned out to be amazing. I made 12 mini cards in total and it took me about 3 days to complete all of them. All you need for this project is Photoshop with  your favourite brush/font/pattern sets (I'm using the cs6 version) and lots and lots of inspiration and passion.

Side note: I got my most of my brushes and patterns from
Check out for a variety of fonts.

Before I say anything further, do take a look at my work!

I wanted it to be really cute so the measurement of the cards were 6cm by 7cm. It is a good idea because you can write a message at the back and the receiver can bring them wherever they want because it's really compact.

It can be also be used as wall decorations! I'm sure we don't like studying in a dull and boring space so you can choose to present it to them by decorating their space with these cute little motivation cards.

There were lots of moments where I ran out of ideas but thanks to Google, I managed to find some really pretty cards and cute messages to help me work with my designs.

"I moustache you a question. But I'll shave it for later." Hahahahaha, moustache puns are adorable.

Roslina loves balloons and she's a fan of leopard prints. So, that explains the leopard and the hot air balloon. You can play around with the subjects in the card according to your friend's/family members' likings.

Lastly, you cannot go wrong with simple flowers and MEMES. Memes are so cute and hilarious, you definitely got to add them in birthday cards.

I printed all 12 of them on an A4 size 250gsm matte paper for less than $2 at a local printing store and it all turned out great. If you were to go to a gift store or card store to purchase them individually it's gonna cost you way more.

There are so many ways to present these cards. I presented them in a self-made explosion box which I plan to share really soon. But you can choose to present it with a small cake, frame it up or even as simple as slotting it into a pretty envelope, it is totally up to your preference. Cards are so versatile because you can give them on so many occasions such as Valentine's Day, Birthday's, Graduation etc. I never get sick of cards because every time I get one it's different. A card will never go wrong and what is amazing is that it is personally made by you. Best part is, it is cheap and yet it has so much sincerity! 

I welcome any comments and questions on how to go on about doing this. Please credit if you were to repost any of the designs because I know watermark pictures are a pain and it destroys the picture. If you are interested in any of my designs, feel free to comment or contact me via FB/Twitter/Instagram/Email (click on the connect page on the top for more information) and I will try my best to get back to you guys. I hope you will have fun making your own! Ciaoz.


  1. Hi sis.
    May I check with you, for the two mention links and
    I need to make payment in order to use it, its not a free patterns. as for Photoshop its not a free app right

    1. Hello! These download links are for font, brushes and patterns and they are free to download. But you would need photoshop to use them. The fonts however, you can use them on PowerPoint, word etc. Photoshop is a software that you can download on your computer but you would need to pay for it after 30 days of free trial. Hope this helps! (:

    2. Thank you for the reply. I'm in the midst of doing the explosions birthday cards. will need your help if I have any. :)

    3. No problem! You're gonna have so much fun and I'll be glad to help if you have any doubts (: