Bottomless Pit

I feel fat almost everyday because of all the good food going into my tummy but today was really really really bad. It all started in the morning when I accompanied my sis to Lee and Lee Dental Clinic at Raffles Place to get her monthly braces check-up done. (It's so cute I feel like getting it myself but I clearly don't need them, so booo!). 

Anyway, I didn't have breakfast because I woke up late and I was craving for something sweet like waffles with berries or buttermilk pancakes. Then, my sis was telling me about her cravings for noodles and ask me to eat something since she was treating but since we both were craving for something else, we somehow ended in town. We are one indecisive pair of siblings. Cutting the story short, we settled for noodles at Far East Plaza, the food level. We didn't know which one to eat so we went to the one that advertised "Best halal noodles" or something along that.

Fried Wanton Noodles (Dry)
Price: $3.50
Amirah never seems to get sick of wanton noodles so she got her usual noodle order.

And I got myself Beef Char siew noodles.
Price: $4.50

I'm not a huge fan of wanton noodles, I like them but only eat them when I have a craving for it. These tasted okay to me, maybe, just maybe because I was still craving for waffles with berries and melted chocolate. The beef and wanton was really nice though. But my sister really seemed to have satisfied her craving for it though. 

That was fattening enough but my mouth had to crave for pudding milk tea. Tummy was happy enough and I decided to rot my Saturday away with good movies and healthier snacks but my aunt and cousin asked me out to buy ice cream. Yes, we like to stock up ice-cream especially Haagen Dazs' Caramel Biscuit and Cream.

Our main purpose for the trip to AMK Hub was to buy Andersons' Ice Cream because we had some vouchers expiring but I found myself sitting in Fish&Co. ordering sides and desserts. The mouth has no control and I am guilty.

 Crispy White Bait was really good especially with the sauces.
and the Grilled Calamari. We were eating halfway and we discovered a strand of hair in it and decided to cancel our order. Thank God we did, because we had so much of space for the 
SUPER YUMMY desserts.
Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting. This was so good I was smiling so widely and felt like I was on drugs, I HAVE NOT BEEN ON DRUGS but I'm sure the feeling would be the same. *winks*
Strawberry Cheesecake. Enough said.

The slices were really huge but I was having a really good time eating those desserts. I believe the service provided in a restaurant can either make the whole experience a more fulfilling one or a really bad one. In today's experience in AMK Hub's Fish&Co, I was absolutely happy with their service and the way the staff tended to us. If it was a damage control for the "hair in the food" incident, they really did a good job. I am sure the carrot cake I had today got to be one of the best I have eaten so far especially with the coconut to bring the chewiness of the cake. Okay, I got to stop tempting myself again.

As much as I love holidays, I hate the part when I have so little money and such big appetite. So I got to learn how to practice some self-control. Yeah, I can do that. *grins*

Have a great weekend y'all!

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