Cards Culture: Get a Card, Spread the Love

Hello everyone! 

Do you guys remember my post on my DIY Explosion Card? If you have not, you can read it here. I have previously mentioned how much I love self-made cards/gifts and how sincere it is to present it as a gift to your loved ones. It is always interesting and fun to watch other DIY projects and learn from them because everyone has different versions and it never gets old.

Well, that is the reason for my post today. I wanted to share this amazing business I came across online. I was really thrilled to have found this particular page because firstly it is Singapore based because it is rather hard to find someone who would dedicate her time into all these awesome crafts. Secondly, these are the kind of gifts I have done for my friends and it was really exciting for me to meet someone who does something similar.

Enough of the talk, let me introduce you CARDS CULTURE, an online business owned single-handed by Audrey. She takes her time to design all these crafts for people who orders them for special occasions. It is all handmade which makes it more special and personalized. Let me show you her versions of the gift boxes. 

This is called the Surprise Box. Everything is made by Audrey herself including the pretty clay. It was designed to suit the receiver's personality and favourite things. This is one of my favourite items from her because it such an encouraging and lovely gift to receive no matter what mood you're in.

This is called the Birthday-bash-in-a-box. A simple and lovely gift for your mum or girlfriends. Any girl would feel happy receiving this because of the colours and a cute little cake in the middle. Since it is not edible, you can admire them as long as you like. hahaha

This one called the Basketball-in-a-box.

This one is called the Soccer-in-a-box. The above 2 gift boxes would be a perfect gift for any sports lover. These are just 2 examples. Cards Culture allows their customers to customize their orders in terms of designs, colours and even messages.

Lastly, this one is called the Gift Box-in-a-Box. This one is slightly similar to the one that I had done but this is smaller and cuter version because the gift box inside is attached to the bottom and you can put any thing inside. I think it would be a cute Anniversary or Proposal gift. Wouldn't it be cool if your Girlfriend were to find a ring inside??

Now do you see what I mean by personalized? These gift boxes are so versatile because it can be designed according to occasions and the receiver's personality. If you really want to present this as a gift to your loved ones and have no time to do so, do not worry! Contact Cards Culture at for a customized order at an affordable price.

Cards Culture are not limited in terms of their gifts range. They do have different gift sets which you will be able to check out from their Facebook Fan Page or their Blog. Plus, the owner is so sweet and pleasant, I am sure you will have a good buying experience.

So, remember to check Cards Culture out and be inspired!