Jai Siam, Halal Thai Food Corner

Hello everyone!

It's June and GSS is everywhere which is the perfect time to go shop for all the items you've been eyeing for quite sometime now, myself included. I've been waiting for the big sale especially at H&M to get myself pretty printed pants which has been in my shopping list for a long time.

I met Roslina and Nazreen to shop at town. Since we were going to shop we decided to dine in somewhere affordable. It is rather hard to find cheap and quality food places that are halal in town but there is a small corner in Dhoby Xchange where you can find halal Thai Food called Jai Siam or Jai Thai.

I have been there a few times and I've been wanting to write about it but I didn't have enough pictures at that time. Now that I do, please refrain from staring at the photos if you are starving right now because I have done that many times and it is not fun.

Just a little information on this food corner, majority of the staff there are Thai. I found out from the accent and the service really good. For those muslims who have difficulties finding Halal food places which only sells Thai Food, this is a place you would want to visit.

This is part of their menu. They have individual set meal that comes with a main course, drink and a small dessert. They also have family set lunch where dishes are already preset. I find set meals so much easier because it definitely makes ordering faster.

For starters, you can consider getting this Mixed Platter which comes in 3 different sizes. This is the small one which costs $7. It consists of fried tofu, prawn cake, fried fish bites, spring roll which is served with the sweet and spicy Thai chili sauce.

Drinks comes with the set meal. I would recommend the lime juice. But I love the Thai Ice Milk Tea which you can get if you top up $1.50. Do not get mixed up with the Thai Ice Lemon Tea because I tried it once and it was a huge mistake.

I love this Pad Thai Dish. It is basically Thai noodle served with seafood, tofu, beansprouts and peanuts. Thai Food are generally spicy and if you cannot take the heat, try this dish because contrary to most Thai dishes the spice is this one is very mild.

I tried my first Green Curry dish at this place and I absolutely love this. For the set meal you can only choose the chicken but it comes with beef. It has the right amount of spice and richness and went so well with the white rice. If you are someone who can't take the heat, request for less chili. You can choose to have it either with the noodles or rice but I would recommend eating this with rice.

They have 2 types of Tom Yam soup. This is the clear based soup.

This is the chili based soup. Just like the green curry, you can choose to have this either with the rice or noodles.

This is the small dessert that comes with the set meal. Usually it is coconut jelly but it depends on what they have on that day.

Mango Glutinous Rice is one thing you must have when you go to Thailand. The last time I went to Thailand was ages ago and I can't remember eating this (kill me now). For someone who hasn't eaten this dish from where it was originated, I enjoyed eating this. But Roslina said it was okay compared to the one she had BKK. Once you have tried the best it is very difficult to match up to that standard.

As someone who pays frequent visit to this place, I must say they have tried their best to maintain the standard of the service and quality of food. If you decide to drop by do make a call because if I am not wrong on weekdays they are not open from 3pm - 6pm at Dhoby Xchange (not too sure about the other outlets). I would definitely recommend this place to my friends.

Check out their website for more information on their outlets, menu and even catering services.

I mentioned earlier that we were so excited to get our printed pants from H&M but sadly they are no longer available. It was so disappointing, so Nazreen treated us to Cold Stone at 313 (yay!). Plus the weather is being so mean we had to treat ourselves with something.

Just some unrelated pictures of ourselves. Take care everyone, the weather is so bad so drink up lots of water and try to stay indoors as much as possible. There are so many fun ways to spend your time wisely at home and I'll tell you how on my next post. So stay tuned!

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