Roadtrip to Johor Bahru!

It is no doubt that Singaporean are food lovers. And when Johor Bahru, Malaysia is just across the border, it doesn't come as a surprise that most of us travel there at least once a month just to enjoy great food and delicacies. Likewise, I love going to JB just to eat because firstly, almost everything there is halal. Instead of searching for the halal cert in the stores we just need to keep a lookout for the places that says "We serve pork and lard" and secondly, it is cheap! 

I went with my family members and we drove there. Because it was a Sunday, the traffic was so bad it took us about an hour to clear the customs and we headed to this place called Pasir Putih which is located near Pasir Gudang. It is near the seaside and you can see Pulau Ubin from there.

The staff was very nice to let us sit at the table near the seaside although it was reserved by his friend.

This is how it looks like inside. Tables were quickly filling up because families were coming to have lunch to together.

This big fish is their specialty. We ordered 3 of this to be shared among 8 people. I don't know what fish this is but they catch it from the sea and cook it on the day itself. It was really fresh!

Potato sambal! The sambal was so good. It was spicy sweet and went well with the bland rice.

I love their Tempeh sambal too!

I didn't have the patience to snap each dish we had because I was starving from the long ride but this was our spread. It is like the "Zi-Char" style.

Each of use were given a plate of white rice, belachan, and tangy soysauce for the fish. Yes, we use our hands to eat. hahah

Irrelevant picture but I was so happy after eating and the lighting was really good. *winks*

Next we went to a shopping mall (I can't recall the name) to buy back some Subway sandwiches for dinner. Since we were already there we bought some Tahu Bakar at a Kopitiam but it wasn't good because the sauce was too thick and weird.

We bought Durian Cake from Secret Recipe. So good, I was having foodgasm because it had been too long since I ate Durian and this was so lovely. Unfortunately, we couldn't buy back because I ate the last piece.

I don't even know what this is because I was too overwhelmed with the Durian cake.

We also stopped buy a few places and tried this really huge awesome burger near the car wash place. While on the way back we took the wrong lane and got stuck in the heavy traffic once again but overall it was a good trip with the family. If you ever go to JB and love Malay food do visit Pasir Putih but they are only open until 3pm. Have a great weekend ahead and travel somewhere with your family because roadtrips are always great with family. 

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