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Hello lovely people!

This is a long overdue post. I had been so busy with school I was not able to find time to post anything. Now that I'm having my holidays I'm gonna try to stay more committed. 

In my previous post on DIY Scratch Cards, I had mentioned that I made scratch cards according to different emotions. So in this post, I would like to share with you how I organised them and a sneak peek of some of the cards that I made. 

All these were personally designed by me in Photoshop CS6. I made 7 different sets. This one is for my best friend to open when she is feeling happy. The words use on the cards are inspired by Pharrell William's Happy. The empty spaces were for me to write any quotes or messages.

This one is my favourite because they are all cheesy pick-up lines which both Roslina and I really love. Each card is personalised and it took the longest to design.

A closer look on one of the cards.

I put all of them in a small gift bag which I got at Daiso. They came in a packet where 35 bags cost $2. I sealed all of them with some of my favourite stickers. The labels were also designed in Photoshop CS6. 

Since this is the month of giving, I have uploaded a printable of the labels and 3 designs from the cards that I have designed. Feel free to download and use it if you plan to do this project for your loved ones. This can be a great Christmas gift especially if your loved ones are here to visit and have to travel once the holidays are over. If you would like more of these designs do comment down below as I might consider selling these. 

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  1. may i asking, what you put inside of other feelings?