DIY Watercolor Cards

Hello everyone!

It's the season of giving and almost everyone I know are getting gifts for their loved ones whether they celebrate Christmas or not. During gift giving it's always nice to slip in a note to thank the person or just give him/her your well-wishes. What better way to thank them than to make your very own thank you or greeting card? 

This project is super fun and easy to make and it doesn't take too much of your time. You can probably find all the materials at your home.

You would need some:
1. Thick White paper  (I used a 200gm paper and cut them into 74mm by 104mm) 
2. Paint of your choice
3. Paintbrushes
4. White crayon or candles
Let's get started!

Firstly, using your crayon or candle, write or design your personal greeting on the card. You can get even make it season by drawing some Christmas trees or reindeers. 

Next, just get creative! Mix your paint with water and start painting. I cannot exactly remember the water to paint ratio as different colors required different amounts of water so you might want to test it out on a used paper before trying it out on your actual card. You need to mix it with water so that when you paint over the design, it can be seen and doesn't get covered by your paint. 

I got my sister to join in the fun as it was super simple to make. We decided to make a few cards as I just went on a craft haul and I wanted to test the colors of my paint. 

This project can be done with your family members, friends and even children. Please use a newspaper as you do not want to get paint all over your floor (I learnt it the hard way). Above are several ideas in case you're looking for inspiration! To achieve different strokes, you can try them with different brushes or even sponges.

These are great not only for holiday season but any time of the year. Also, you can save some money on greeting cards. It is always nice to receive a card and it makes it extra special when it is handmade.

Merry Christmas!

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