2015 Wall Calendar/Organizer

Hello everyone!

Firstly, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year! The year started really great and I went to Bali for a week before school reopened (which explains the delayed post). This holiday I had been busy with a few projects and I finally decided to start something small. When I made my personal planner last year, I received a lot of good feedback. Since I did not make a new one for myself this year, I decided to make a wall calendar for my family to write our family plans. 

And I present to you 2015 Paint Splattered Themed Wall Calendar!

Last year when I did my own planner, people asked if I was selling them. But unfortunately, I wasn't confident enough to sell them. When I started on this project, I was super happy with the turn out and I have decided to put the printable up on sale. It is a handmade item and I designed them on Photoshop.

I printed them in 200gsm paper using my laser printer. Although the photo is edited due to the bad lighting, it looks pretty much the same after printing them out. However, colors may vary depending on your printer so you may want to get it printed at a local printing store.

I am putting this up for just $5 SGD. If you have any questions regarding printing mode, leave a comment below!

For Singaporean readers, if you guys are interested, you could email me via a contact form available on my sidebar or via instagram! You can make payment via bank transfer as well!

If you want me to print them out, additional charges would apply. Prices would vary depending on the type of paper, double-sided and postage. It also comes with a personalized cover page!

So for example, if you would like to get your calendar printed using 200gsm paper and have it double-sided it would cost $9.90 ($5 + $3.50 + $1.40 = $4.90).

As this is my first time doing this, I hope you could show me your support! If you do like this post, share it with your friends who would be interested. 

Thank you and have a great year ahead!


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