DIY Corkboard Crafts

Hey everyone!

It's been quite sometime since I've last posted and trust me this particular post has been under my drafts for a number of days already. This week is my orientation week and my mum wanted to do as much as possible in preparation to our favourite holiday, Hari Raya. I've been rather preoccupied and every time I sit down thinking that I have to complete this post no matter how busy I am, my tired body doesn't allow it.

So, I've been showing you guys a series of DIY organisers for your accessories, and this will be an addition to it. Actually, this particular DIY is multi-functional and you can alter it to your own needs.

As you can see from the picture, it's gonna be a DIY Corkboard crafts tutorial. I chose to use mine for my accessories. Unlike my pretty and vast collection of earrings, I'm not very bold or adventurous when it comes to necklaces, rings or headbands. But I still need a place to keep them so, I thought why not create my own?

I have listed down the supplies you would need below:

You can get these anywhere. Because I live in Singapore, the cheapest I could find was in Daiso where you can get them at $2. However, in terms of quality it fared just average. Like everyone would say, "You get what you pay for". But it was good enough for me as my collection is pretty small and light. 

At times like this, I really want to travel to the US just to get craft materials because most of the things are very affordable from what I have observed while watching lots of awesome Youtubers.

You would need some paint. I chose gold and black to have a very elegant and classy look. Also, it would match my gold makeup holders.

Always get creative with thumbtacks. I easily get bored with the same type of tacky coloured thumbtacks on my Corkboard which I use to pin important documents. Due to budget and time constraint, I bought all of them at Popular Bookstore. (1 set is less than $2)

One trick to spice things up would be through the use of glitter. Although I only own this colour, but I am absolutely in love with the idea of how it makes something so simple into something glamourous.

Some paintbrushes. In this case, the bigger the brushes, the better because the process could have been faster with a bigger brush or a sponge brush.

and lastly white glue. Some would choose to call it PVA glue. I must say, when I first bought this glue I was rather skeptical of its quality. But, for its cheap price, it's faring really well in my opinion. I got this from Popular as well.

So, let's get started!

First, paint the Corkboard with a colour of your choice. 

I would suggest using an acrylic paint instead of a poster paint as the colour lasts much longer.

Apply 2-3 coats for a more defined colour. As acrylic paint dries up pretty fast, the interval between each coat is about 10-15mins.

While waiting for the Corkboard to dry, customise the thumbtacks according to your preference. To stay true to my gold and black elegant theme, I wanted to glamorise the thumbtacks by adding some glitter. Firstly, apply a thin coat of white glue to the thumbtacks.

Next, pour the glitter into a small disposable bowl and drop the thumbtacks inside.

Leave them to dry for about 15-20mins depending on the size of your thumbtacks. At this point, do not worry if the glitter did not cover the thumbtacks fully because you can always apply a second coat.

While waiting for the thumbtacks to dry, you can now start on the border of the Corkboard. If you are happy with the border, you can leave it that way or add some embellishments according to the way you love it. I painted mine in gold and it was really pretty.

After applying 2 coats of glitter and letting them dry, apply one last layer of white glue. This is to prevent the glitter from falling out everytime you touch them. Alternatively, you could use a clear nail polish like I did to maintain its shine. Both the glue and the clear nail polish serves the same purpose but the nail polish gives it an extra shine.

Now, all your have to do is it stick your thumbtacks and use the Corkboard for any purpose. I used mine to hang my accessories like I mentioned earlier. But you could add any notes or reminders. My necklaces, bracelets and headbands are more visible and they don't get tangled anymore. Please believe me when I say I had to throw away 2 of my necklaces because it was tangled and couldn't be saved. *cries*

I feel that if you personalise and beautify you own work space, it makes you really excited and happy. After several DIY projects for my accessories, I find myself smiling everytime I decide what earrings or lipstick I should on wear that day.

Before I end this post, I would like to thank everyone who's been showing your continuous support towards my blog. Although I do not know who you guys are, I hope to hear from you all! So drop me an email or tweet or mention me on Instagram if you try out any DIY projects or food places I've been to.

Also, I'm about to embark a new journey in University so I might be reducing to one post per week but I hope you all could show me continuous support!

I will probably use my dreadful long travelling journey wisely by blogging through my phone. Before I continue  lengthening this post, just want to tell you y'all to have a great day!