DIY Picture Frame Crafts

Hello lovely people!

I hope you all are doing really good and spending your time doing something you love! I had mentioned in my previous post that my school just started and I've made pretty amazing friends in University. It's really pleasant to see people coming from different backgrounds but at the end of the day we are all working towards the same goal. Along the way, you will be experiencing ups and downs but with the motivation and encouragement from your loved ones, the journey will be a fruitful one. You may think that I am digressing here by looking at the title but (wait!) there's a link.

This particular DIY is something meaningful and I hope to bring smiles to the people around me from this project. TADA!

I do not know what to call this particular project but I guess the you could call it DIY Motivation Board. This was carefully thought out as I did not want to occupy too much space on the study table and I wanted it add some colours to the dull study environment in my room. Most importantly, it encourages the people using the table whenever they feel tired of studying or working.

These are the supplies that you would need:

I love it when Ikea has sale. I bought 2 of these frames (5"x 7") for only $3.80.

In Singapore, we use whiteboards in school. So, me being me, I got so excited when I spotted one in Daiso and I wanted to make something out of it. At that time, I thought I didn't need it and decided to purchase when the time calls for it. I didn't realise what a big mistake that was because it was sold out. *cries* I've been seeing YouTubers using chalkboard spray but again, I felt that it was too expensive and it is really hard to find affordable and value-for-money craft materials in Singapore.

PS: if anyone in Singapore knows where I can get value-for-money crafts material besides Daiso, please share it with me. I would appreciate it!

I would recommend you guys to use a penknife instead because it is faster and you do not have to worry about crooked edges.

Any embellishments of your choice for decoration. 

Firstly, dismantle the picture frame and take out the transparent cover. Place it on the board sheet and mark the edges.

Cut it out using a scissors/penknife/exacto knife. If you are not confident in handling a penknife, seek supervision or use a scissors instead. 

Paste the board sheet to the plastic surface according to the instructions given. I cleaned it with a hand sanitizer. For some reason, I have this thought that hand sanitizers can remove any dirt other than the germs on our hands. Now you can start decorating your frames.

At this moment my camera battery died on me so I couldn't take pictures of each process and I sincerely apologize because I make it a point to make tutorials as detailed as possible. Anyway this is the final product, more details on each design can be found below.

For this particular design, I used some seashells that Roslina gave me while I was decorating my dressing table. So I pasted it on 2 opposite sides. This doesn't have to be perfect because the final look turned out to be pretty. I also applied 2 coats of clear nail polish on the shells so that it would shine and doesn't get dirty and fade. 

For this look, I used a bracelet that I do not use anymore. This bracelet can be used to hang on walls as well. For a more girly look, I used these floral embellishment and created a polka dot look. Thank you Aifaa, Athira and Ker Sien for giving me more craft materials on my birthday!

Now you can write quotes and motivational messages to spur on your loved ones when they are having a hard time on their school work or office work. Alternatively, you can use it to write memos and decorate it to spice up your desk or room. Get creative with colours and design to suit your taste. 

There are so many things you can do with a picture frame. I used one as an earring holder and I did a post on it as well. (Click here!)

I personally thought this was a great way to show your support and let your friends or family know that no matter how hard things get, you will always be there cheering them on because you know that they can do it. You will be surprised how a small action can impact another person. Cherish the people around you and let them know that you care and love them because tomorrow may never come. 

Till then, have a great week ahead!

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