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Hey guys!

We are nearing the end of 2013 and I can't believe how fast time has passed this year. I have been rather inactive on blogger for a while because I was busy preparing for my exams. My holidays are finally here and I am taking this time to just relax and update my blog. I am so grateful to my readers who have been checking this page despite the lack of updates. 

For today's post, I would like to share with you guys some of my favorite scrapbooking materials that I often use for my DIY projects. If you are staying in Singapore and looking for affordable materials, I promise you this would be a useful for you. If you are out of Singapore, I will try my best to include links so you guys don't miss out on these goodies as well!

I would first like to clarify that the pictures are edited to look more appealing because it was captured in bad lighting and I could not find another opportunity to capture all of them again because I have already used most of them. But my reviews will be 100% honest as I was not paid to do this and I thought it will be helpful if you're someone who invests on scrapbooking loots like me.

6"x6" Double-sided Cardstock papers, 24 pieces ($12.90)

Firstly, starting with cardstock papers. I usually get them from PaperMarket or Urban Write. I usually look for quality, design and price before purchasing any cardstock papers. PaperMarket is a little too pricey for me. The price for one paper ranges from $1.20 - $5.90 depending on the material and design. But I usually pay the store a visit during festive seasons and stock up on them because of the sale. Also, they have discounts for Citibank and NTUC card holders.

Double-sided cardstock paper ($1.90)

Sometimes to clear their old stocks they have 10 papers for $10 promotions going on. I am not the kind of person who follows the trend, so I don't mind buying the old stocks as long as their designs look appealing.

Recently, they seem to have changed their shopping bags and I though that the bag was really cute. I hated the previous shopping bags as my papers always get crumpled but it wasn't the case this time. Other than the papers I try my best not to get any other materials from them because I can get them online at a cheaper price.

Another place I frequently visit would be Daiso. Daiso is similar to the $1 shop in Japan and USA. Daiso is a store where everything is sold for $2 SGD. If I am not wrong, all the items come from Japan and they are designed specially for Daiso. I only buy the lace and fabric tapes because the rest looks cheap and kiddish for my liking. The box was also from Daiso. I initially bought it to place a planner which I recently did for a friend but it couldn't fit. So, I used it as a tape storage.

All of these tapes are from Daiso. I would recommend you guys to purchase it only if it comes in a bundle of 2 or 3. I only use these tapes for scrapbooking purposes or when I am working on birthday projects so I tend to go for the bundles as it gives me a wide variety. Do take note that the length is not very long if it comes in a bundle because of the cheap price. Nonetheless, I still find this worth my money as these tapes are sold for only $2.

These are also from Daiso. The felt paper in my opinion is really worth it because the local Popular bookstore sells each piece for a about a dollar but you get 5 colours for only $2. I use colour tabs for my school books and the I got excited when I saw 8 different colours being sold together for $2.

Last but not the least, stickers. I am a sticker maniac. I love them and I try to use them in every project that involves the use of paper. I got all of them online and it was my first time buying these goodies online and I got too excited. I was a little stressed during exam preparation and I was in need of retail therapy. Let me tell you guys, shopping for clothes is no where near as exciting as shopping for scrapbook materials online. I spent a total of $18 and I never regretted getting any of them because they are stickers. I'll start with my least favorite ones. Each item costs about $0.80 - $2 excluding the shipping price.

These are called the vintage stickers. There are 2 copies of these because one is in glossy and one is in matte texture. The glossy one looked a little blurry closeup but overall it is still not too bad. 

My feelings towards this is neutral, there's nothing that I hate and there's nothing that I love about it either. But I like that it came in different shapes which was cute.

If you guys had seen my post on my DIY Planner you would have noticed my love for these silhouettes. I was so thrilled when I found they had a stamp collection for silhouettes. It's actually called the Barbie collection but I won't be using the Barbie or the dog stamp. But this stamp collection which cost me only $2 was a steal.  It came with a blue stamp pad that was too pigmented so I had to be careful of the application. Above is a sample of a few stamps. 

I also bought an additional pink stamp pad but that guys was a waste of my money. Although it was only $1+ the stamp pad was really dry. The application was such a pain because I was getting frustrated of the image it was producing.

Blue stamp pad vs the pink one. I wanted to be fair and tried it several times before coming to a conclusion. So you can see for yourself.

I liked how each sheet came in different patterns so I had to get them.

I cannot exactly remember the name for this one but I really like this. The stickers are matte and there is nothing I hate about this. Each design comes in a set of 2.

I actually saw a Youtuber introducing this Masking Sticker Set and let me tell you how amazing this is. This is only $2 or less and there are so many designs. Not only that each pattern comes in different patterns, it also comes in different shapes and sizes. I do not know how to explain this in detail but I hope to show you guys what I mean in another post.

This masking sticker set comes in 2 different designs and this was my ultimate favorite. This was so worth it I wish I had gotten more. The colors are so appealing and I love the fabric/matte material. 

So, these are some of the items I keep in my scrapbooking box. I have listed where you can get these materials down below. I am not sure if the seller for the stickers ship internationally but you guys can still check it out. Delivery is super fast and you will not be disappointed. From what I have observed from YouTube videos, there are many stores you guys can visit if you're in the US. The brand that gets repeated over and over is Martha Steward. I wish we had such affordable stores in Singapore. *cries* 

PaperMarket Outlets 
Papermarket @ Raffles City 252 North Bridge Road, Raffles City Shopping Centre B1-27, Singapore 179103, Tel: +65 6333 9007
Papermarket @ Plaza Singapura 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura B1-12 Singapore 238839, Tel: +65 6333 9002
PaperMarket @ The Clementi Mall 3155 Commonwealth Ave West, The Clementi Mall 04-14/15 Singapore 129588 Tel: +65 6659 9003
PaperMarket @ VivoCity 1 Harbourfront Walk, VivoCity 02-118/119 Singapore 098585 Tel: +65 6376 9007
Urban Write Outlet
UrbanWrite Tampines 1
10 Tampines Central 1
Mon - Thur: 11am - 9.30pm
Fri/Sat & PH: 10.30am - 10pm
Tel: +65 6465 1485
Daiso Outlets
Stickers & Stamps

I bought these materials for a project I am currently working on. Since we are about to welcome the new year in a month's time, I am in need of a planner. This year, I am making one for myself. It is almost done and I hope to show you guys real soon. Anyway, have a great December and make memorable memories and do the things you want to do before the year comes to an end. 

Till then, take care and have fun!

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