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Hello everybody!

It's my first post of the year and I blame my laziness and laptop for such a delayed post. My laptop had to be reformatted and the process took longer than expected.

Since my India trip, I have been eating lots and lots of Indian food. So when I planned to meet up with my best friend Roslina and Nazreen, I was craving for aglio olio really bad. I wanted to go to a cafe and we decided to take a trip down to Arab Street as that place is filled with a lot of halal eateries. We were just walking around when we stumbled upon La Marelle. It was located above another cafe and the stairway was too cute to ignore.  

I really loved the cute and colorful interior. We were a little concerned when we did not spot any halal certificate in the cafe. But when we asked the staff, they ensured us that the chef is muslim and their ingredients are all from a halal supplier. 

When I checked their Facebook page, we found this comment:
We get our food from a halal certified caterer (also our central kitchen) called AM Chef, you can check in the Muis website. And we get some of our cakes from a muslim baker. Some cakes are imported from Indonesia, and some are from a normal baker which makes his cake in a halal way, no alcohol, no pork or lard. Also our new in-house chéf, he is Muslim.

You will be able to find cute stationery and pretty bags that you can purchase in the café itself.

Initially I thought that the café was rather small but they have another level to cater to more customers.

Aglio Olio ($15.90++)

You may have guessed my order by now. I was pleasantly surprised with the presentation. It was the first time I see an orangey red colored aglio olio. The dish was served with salad. Roslina does not like aglio olio and she approved of this dish. So, I was really excited to try it and I was not disappointed. I felt that the spaghetti alone tasted a little bland but the olives and turkey bacon complemented the whole dish.

Mexican Sausage Croissant ($12.90++)

Italian Sausage Croissant ($12.90++)

Both dishes were served with nachos and salsa. I am a big fan of croissants. The differences in the croissant dishes are the sauces and the sausage. The nachos and the salsa were really good and refreshing. After tasting the Mexican, the Italian Sausage Croissant fell short in terms of taste. Nevertheless, it was very filling and worth the price. 

Caramel Mousse ($7.50)

I have a huge weakness for caramel and anything that has caramel in it. So I had to try it. As you can see there are several layers and the flavours all came together beautifully. It also had a crunchy chocolate layer that made me want to have more.

Chocolate Truffle ($7.50)

Nazreen does not eat anything that has cream cheese. So we got the chocolate truffle to share. I was a little sceptical about the choice but I definitely was not disappointed when I tried it. The crunchy and sweet base was the best part of the cake. 

The total bill came up to about $66 after service charge and gst. I must mention that I was really satisfied with the service. It is worth a second visit!

  • Venue
  • 25A Baghdad Street
  • Singapore 199664

      Opening Hours
    Mon - Sun
    11:00 - 23:00

    Contact: 9852 7443

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