DIY Fabric Binder

Hello everybody!

It's been a while since I've posted and it's good to be back. If you had seen my previous post, you would have known that my laptop has died on me after 3 long years. It was a pain retrieving my photos and re-installing Photoshop on the shared computer. Anyway, I have figured out how to blog without my personal computer!

So today I will be showing you how to make a fabric binder. Last year I made my own planner and I was a little upset that I could not bind it due to the thickness. So after months of searching online I found reliable seller from Etsy and I was thrilled to start on this project. 

These are the materials that you would need:

Fabric and binder with rivet set.

You would need a fabric of your choice. I got mine from Daiso for only $2. This was supposed to be a lunch mat but it made it much easier for this project.

I bought a B6 binder from Etsy. This was inclusive of the rivets.
My friend had a bad previous with Etsy previously where her item did not get delivered to her so I was a little skeptical when I made the purchase. But the seller was very friendly and I received the item within a week. 

Threads and buttons.

This is optional. This is needed for an additional step you may or may not want do.

Firstly, position the fabric and the binder according to how you want it to look like. 
I folded the fabric to make pockets. Do make sure the binder is placed in the middle of the fabric.

At this point, you can either use a hot glue gun or fabric glue to attach the sides. I did not have any so I got my neighbour to sew the sides for me using a sewing machine. You can get help from someone who knows how to use the sewing machine for this step.

Next, make 2 holes to insert the rivets.

This is how it will look like one you have attached the rivets. The rivets act as a button to secure the binder to the fabric.

This step is optional. I sewed 1 button to each side so that I can close my fabric binder. 

This is how the final product looks like. I used the pockets to store some coloured labels to keep it more organized.

My planner was too thick so I separated them into 2 parts - Jan to June and July to December. My planner looks more presentable and lighter to bring to school and I have never been so organised. 

If you have any queries while attempting this tutorial, do comment down below and I will be glad to help you with this. I am having my recess week now so I hope to queue some posts for you to read when school gets crazy the next 2 months.

Till then, have a great week!

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