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I am finally blogging after 2 long months. It's been a hectic at school especially during April where I had to meet crazy deadlines and also study for my finals. Now, I am officially done with my Freshmen Year in University and I have a 3-month long holiday.

Anyway, I was looking back to today's post, I am going to do a review on my visit to Bagus La Mian Yong Tau Foo back in April. My sister turned 18 years old last month and we wanted to take her out for dinner. She was having this mad craving for noodles and it is so hard to find halal restaurants that sells noodles. My cousin had visited this place before and I have read positive reviews about this place. Yes, it's weird that we didn't go to some fanciful restaurant to celebrate her legal age, but the birthday girl wanted noodles.

The place was quite big and air-conditioned so it was hard for 6 of us to get a table. They had 6 different types of Yong Tau Foo - Original (Normal one with the soup), Laksa, Tom Yam, Hot and Spicy, Hakka and Ampang. We ordered the Laksa, Hot and Spicy, Hakka and the Original flavoured one with a few sides. For the Yong Tau Foo, we could have it without the noodles, but we all got with the La Mian since store is called "Bagus La Mian". La Mian is a type of handmade noodles.

Part of our spread

Hot and Spicy 

My sister got this. I expected this to be really spicy but it was more towards sweet and spicy. I thought that it wasn't that bad but my sister was a little disappointed as she does not like the sweetness of the sauce. Yong Tau Foo usually comes with the spicy sambal and sweet sauce, this was the combination of the two.


The laksa gravy was good. I don't like my Yong Tau Foo with laksa gravy so I didn't try it with the noodles but my mother and aunt liked it.


I thought that mine was the best among the 4 flavours that we bought. It was a little gingery and but I didn't think that it was overpowering. The hakka sauce is a thick, sweet and sour sauce. I wouldn't say that it was spicy but it reminded me of one the ramen I ate in Ramen Ten. 

I don't have a picture of the original Yong Tau Foo but that was a major disappointment. It was bland and it was lacking a lot of flavour. 

(I think this is some fried prawn and fish dumpling but I can't be very sure)

Deep fried chicken with Wanton Skin

(Fried bean curd with fishcake)

This one is best among the sides. It was crispy and it was served hot. But once it cools down the taste of the mayonnaise was just too much to handle.

Overall, it was definitely not the right place for a birthday dinner and my sister did not satisfy her craving for noodles because it wasn't fantastic. My mum always tell us "Food that isn't good, is the same as not eating anything." It wasn't bad but it wasn't fantastic either.

One thing that I like about the Yong Tau Foo is that the fried items are not mixed in with the soup and their huge portions. Also, they have interesting variety to choose from. You can have them with or without the noodles. The sides are generally not too bad. 

My family likes to eat Yong Tau Foo with chilli padi (yes, it may not be the traditional way but we LOVE chilli) and they didn't have any chilli padi available in the store which is a big minus for us. I guess opinion and preference vary. If you are around the area, give it a try because of the interesting variety that they offer!

276 Changi Rd
Singapore 419756

Contact: 6346 0276

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