Riverwalk Tandoor, Landmark Village Hotel

Hello everyone! I feel so guilty for not updating this blog as regularly as I wanted to. To be honest, there are lots of things I want to share but due to the lack of good quality photographs I had to delay my posts (yes, I know it's not a very good reason)

Back to topic, it was my bestfriend Roslina's 20th birthday and we wanted to celebrate somewhere nice. Without fail, I usually go for buffet whenever there's a celebration. That being said, we did go for a lunch buffet at Riverwalk Tandoor. If you have not heard of this restaurant, just a quick background information. From the name "Tandoor" you would be able to tell it's a North Indian Buffet. They have a total of 4 outlets (click on the link for more information). We decided to go to Landmark Village Hotel which is located opposite Raffles Hospital at Victoria Street, mainly because Nazreen had been there before. The restaurant is not halal-certified because they serve alcoholic drinks upon request but their ingredients used are halal so not to worry!

Just a few irrelevant snapshots of us.
It is located on the 5th level of the building and it has both an outdoor and indoor setting. I love how it looks classy and posh inside.
They did not have a wide selection of items, but they had the common North Indian Dishes. 
Our spread for round 1. We wanted to taste in small amounts before selecting our favourite dishes to have with the naan. (yummy!)
I was pleasantly surprised that they had mushroom soup in the appetizer and salad corner. I was definitely excited because I absolutely love mushrooms and it is always nice to start with soup. But I was rather disappointed with this dish because the garlic in the soup was overpowering and the soup watery for my liking. Always stick to Indian dishes in an Indian Buffet. 
When you go to a North Indian restaurant, you cannot leave without eating the naan. Garlic and Butter naan are my favourite type of naans but this one was not great but it was nice and went really well with the dishes. From the visible oil you can tell it is hot from the kitchen.
Everything on this plate was an absolute delight. Eat it either with the rice or naan because it can get a tiny bit salty as you slowly fill your tummy. As an Indian myself I should be accustomed to the amount of salt they use in dishes, but too much is never good.

I expected the garlic fish to have an overpowering garlic taste but to my surprise, it tasted really nice with the naan and the saffron rice. They had used a boneless fish fillet and the sauce was neither too thick nor too watery. The mutton has got to be one of my favourites. I love mutton and it had the right amount of spices and the meat was really tender. As much as I love this version, I still think my mum's mutton dishes are the best. hahaha
The tandoori chicken was a slight disappointment. It was dry and not fresh because I could taste the meaty taste (blame it on my sensitive taste buds) but it was not too bad if you dip it in the mint sauce.
Credits to Roslina for this pretty picture. Photoception? *winks*
Finally, the dessert section. These were the 3 items that they had. It was so refreshing to have really sweet watermelon especially on a hot day. The Gulab Jamun was really sweet and I would prefer it to be softer.  I don't enjoy rice puddings, always thought it was weird and this version didn't change my mind. But Roslina and Nazreen liked it. 

That's an irrelevant picture of me trying pose. hahaha, ...

This is the outdoor setting which and I am sure it will look amazing if you were to come for dinner.

It even has a pool! Awwww, can you imagine how romantic it will be at night? 

The total bill came up to about $52.60 for 3 people. Overall, it was a good experience in Riverwalk Tandoor and the service was excellent, something that I am particular about. The food quality and taste was reasonable for the price we paid. Plus, the ambiance looked posh for the amount that we had paid. One downside was that the food was not warm enough. Nonetheless, If you're looking for a cheap North Indian Buffet, Riverwalk Tandoor is the place for you. 

*They do offer catering services. I first heard about them from my aunt because her workplace had ordered from them for Deepavali Celebrations.

It's always great to hang out with these girls. I tried out something new for Roslina's birthday. She said "NO GIFTS" so I made a little something which I am so excited to show you guys. I hope you will check this page regularly even though I take ages to update. Have great day guys!

PS: Most of the photos were taken using Roslina's Canon DSLR, can't remember the model. It made me want to use mine. I've been neglecting my Nikon D3100 for a while now. booo me.

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